Строительная компания


Our task is to provide clients with the fullest possible range of design and construction services, ensuring their high quality and always at an affordable cost.

About Us

The Maton construction company provides construction to create a comfortable urban environment, modernize social and housing infrastructure. The professionalism of the team allows us to competently organize, plan and manage the construction of various objects.

Our services

Monolithic works

Construction of apartment buildings

Construction of shopping centers

Finishing of building facades

Construction of car parks

Major renovation

Installation work

Electric installation work


Heating design and installation

Repair and decoration of premises

Participation in state orders

Our objects

Supply of expanded clay concrete blocks in a quantity of 85,000 pieces, wall laying.
Residential complex, Balaklavsky Ave. 28
Monolithic works for the construction of a multi-apartment residential complex. Customer Dom.rf.
Adult clinic in Strogino
Monolithic work, construction of a clinic for 750 visits per shift with a trauma center in...
GBOU "School No. 2073", Moscow
Object: Department for the Development of New Territories of the City of Moscow State Budgetary Educational Institution "School No. 2073", Moscow, settlement...
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