Строительная компания

About Us

ООО «Матон» ИНН 5004027690 – строительно-монтажная компания, выполняющая работы на объектах промышленности и жилищного строительства с 2011 года.

We specialize in construction and installation work of any complexity (including electrical installation work), and also install utility systems.

We provide turnkey services without the involvement of third-party specialists, so we are ready to offer you the best prices on the market! 

Our Our services

Construction of non-residential buildings and structures
Installation of water drainage and sewerage systems
Laying pipelines and utility networks of any length
Installation of roofing systems
Installation of autonomous heating in apartments and private houses
Dismantling of structures and demolition of buildings
Electric installation work

We always conduct a preliminary reading of the construction project, develop technical specifications and obtain permission from government agencies to erect a structure on the site, monitor the progress of construction, ensure the delivery of materials to the site and take on your other concerns. But these are not all the advantages of cooperation with us:

  • We help you save your budget through optimization;
  • We pay maximum attention to the quality of work performed - qualified personnel;
  • We comply with the terms specified in the contract with the customer.

Предлагаем строительные и монтажные работы «под ключ». Берем на себя полную ответственность за соблюдение сроков и бюджета, качество предлагаемых услуг. Индивидуальный подход и гибкая ценовая политика!

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